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Tribe Of Levi's "Follow My Lead" LP Review
by Random Abiladeze

I knew something was different when I felt compelled to play this album every single day for a week straight
In an age where most hip-hop fans are either overly jaded from experience or numbed by
oversaturation of material, it's rare to find the true gems that live up their luster. Every solar
eclipse alignment or so, an album comes along that grabs you by the throat and demands that
you listen intently and incessantly. "Follow My Lead" by Sacramento-based hip-hop trio Tribe
of Levi (Mic Jordan, Poor, & N.O.N.) is such an album. Read more

This is a great effort from Tribe Of Levi. When I first heard "Things To Do", I knew I had to
review this album and one of things I like about it is consistency. This group strives to make
good Hip Hop music and they do just that without throwing in a bunch of different styles of
music. They stick to a formula and make it work and it's definitely an album I recommend. Read more

Andrew Bell of Sacramento News & Review
Follow My Lead is not only the title of Tribe of Levi’s debut album, it is also a call to
action from the veteran rap crew. The album artwork, done by local legend Shaun Burner, depicts
the three emcees fleeing a city on fire and leading others out behind them. When asked where the
destination is, the crew simply responds:
It’s a very Zen answer, but it makes sense.
Somewhere between De La Soul and Kendrick Lamar, two-time SN&R Sammie-award winners Tribe of Levi
help redefine conscious rap with Follow My Lead. Lyricists Poor, Now Or Never, and Mic Jordan
team with super producer Lee Bannon, Akili Beats, El Conductor, Rated R, and Mike Colossal to
take listeners down a new side street of hip-hop, where topics vary from the cultural
significance of Ice Cube’s departure from NWA to alien conspiracies in the course of a few songs.
Read more

Blake Gillespie of SUBMERGE MAGAZINE
Tribe of Levi is a fixture in the Sacramento hip-hop scene as members of The People’s
Revolution collective, but in the six years of being a crew the group never released a proper
record. With the completion of Follow My Lead, the true schoolers are bringing local pride and
world vision to the burgeoning scene. Read more

Josh Fernandez of The Sacramento News & Review writes:
"From the first verse--
                              "I've been told that I'm an old soul/
                                It's not that exactly/
                                It's just this world is so cold,/
                                You gotta be wise just to have a chance to grow old"

--it's clear that Mic Jordan is an emcee who steps beyond rap writing and ventures boldly into hip-hop poetry.
From Daddy Longlegs' flute-laced beat on "Fa Sho" to 26 Hours' action movie-esque production on "Until the Day,"
this album is a gold mine for fans of real hip-hop. The star of this album, of course, is Mic Jordan, who consistently
displays trademark wisdom combined with stunning wordplay on each track. If for one second you doubt the talent
of Sacramento emcees and producers, find this album and be silenced for good.
"MIC JORDAN: LEVIATHAN... featuring Tribe of Levi, MahtieBush, Old Ghost, Bru Lei, PSFU, 5th Ave,
Random Abiladeze, Lavon Oshun, Blaze, M.I.Geezus, 26 Hours, Agustus ThElefant, DJ Doin' Somethin',
, and more of the Capitol's finest emcees and producers! Available now!

Josh Fernandez of The Sacramento News & Review on Poor's currently-available EP "...FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH":
"In this oversaturated rap market full of self-conscious and boring emcees, Poor's brutally honest approach is a breath of fresh
air. And so is Mic Jordan, whose imaginative production takes interesting turns--from rock to straight-up hip-hop. "Sex Sells"
flaunts Poor's obvious love of language, while Jordan hops on the mic to round out a beautifully obscene track. The disc's highlight,
though, is "Dark Blue," produced by Jeremy Pearson, who loops breathtaking jazz piano over a lazy drum track to mesmerize
the listener into a near-trancelike state. Poor uses the beat wisely, not merely as a backdrop but as a tool for his voice to craft
structurally sound compositions with. Ingeniously, Poor rhymes underneath, over and through this texture-heavy track. Stay on the
lookout for this rich emcee."

Josh Fernandez of The Sacramento News & Review writes:
In other news, emcee N.O.N. (Tribe of Levi) slipped me a sampler mix of some of his recent solo work and damn, it’s good. Actually, it’s really good. “This Is Hip Hop” (produced by Mahtie Bush) features Joan of Arch and Mr. P Chill and it’s so dirty and old-school that it made me take a shower and then put Beat Street on my Netflix. The song “Touch Tone” has a crazy dance beat by Rocky Path that perfectly compliments N.O.N.’s low-frequency flow. Other standouts include “Plant Earf” and “Fair Game”—both produced by DJ Filth. Here’s a nugget of advice for emcees with low, smooth voices: Take a hint from Q-Tip, Bahamadia and Buckshot—turn up the vocals on all your tracks so you don’t get swallowed by the beat.

Aaris A. Schroeder Founder/Editor-In-Chief of UBO Magazine writes:
"Abstract, bluesy and significant is Poor of Tribe of Levi's new album, "…For What It's Worth." Turning a jazzy corner into the ways
of hip-hop and providing a more revolutionary standpoint towards the inner grind of the culture itself. "Dark Blue," samples live instruments,
body-moving beats and lyrics more familiar to an east-coast sound yet saturated right here in Sacramento. "This song was about how a relationship
can go wrong. I'm sure you all know what that's like. This song is very personal to me and happens to be one of my favorites so far," says Poor.
Poor also includes a special hidden track entitled, "Poor Shark Girlfriend." This song is recorded live and has a rebellious sample added
in for extra flavor. Find out where Poor and Tribe of Levi perform at

Todd Osterhout of The Local Slice writes:
"Mic Jordan's forthcoming LP "Air" [is] Introspective, conscious, deep, intense, creative, soul-felt lyrics [that]glide over dreamy,
"barefoot" beats with a 70s feel
... keeps all aspects of his music relevant, connected, and in harmony.... [Mic Jordan] includes creative
of wonder along with the real street knowledge he's learned from California life. He often speaks positively of religion but against
using power to deceive the people. Jordan alludes to modern and ancient mythology in the context of keeping an open mind - respecting
. He tackles topics such as politics, race, class, drugs, alcohol, and youth to adolescence to making a living... with fast and
complex yet clear and compelling deliveries
transferring to a calm, easy style... close your eyes and let Jordan guide your imagination
and transform your perspective
MIC JORDAN: AIR... produced by PEABODY GREENE coming soon!

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