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Tribe Of Levi Lyrics

What it Means ft. Sadat X

Does it mean I'm always a victim of racism, a product of the system,
dead, or headed to prison, or just a slave to addiction?
maybe a man who descended from rape or reading restrictions
or from a family tree with most of the roots missing
or is it beening stripped of religion and called christian
or maybe its beening conditioned to situations that we live in
or maybe its beening born with rhythm or rhyme spitting
beenin skilled at sports, sprinting, hooping and even tennis
Whats it mean to be black and from the motherland?
or on the other hand, What does it mean to have melanin in my skin?
someone once said I am Rock And Roll, I am Soul,
I am Hiphop, and R&B, I feel good in me
But the mystery remains, because our decays
and BET now adays, is just bitches and Escalades
that isn't mean so does that mean that I am less of a nigga?
I hope so, cuz ignorance is just a part of agenda
no pretender or surrender to the world as we now it
plus I was born black, and I dont need nothing to show it
this is for brothers who are hopeless
living with moms with tatts on their arms
to uncle toms in higher escutcheon in a large garage
so beening black to me is loving yourself
and trying to learn how to love someone else, and spread love
so beening black to me loving your fam
and trying to hold them down as best that you can

As black as the universe I stand on a planet,
Track the timeline of mankind cuz I span it,
With african descendants thats way older than sanskrit,
Skin with melanine thats just as intricate as granite
My history has granted me fortunes, still candid
through the periles torchings since this is where my fam landed
through american eyes, I understand their plans demented,
since they want you to compete in their race that they invented
I know my historyand so I gotta represent it
In the direction we're headed, it's strongly recommended
They call it a "Whitehouse", ya'll don't think that thats offensive,
being black in america has never been splended
I wish that I could end it, all the hate on the map
because your skin is way mare than just a mindstate or act
people often mistake sterotypes for facts,
and get caught as the walk right into the trap

So what's it mean (what's it mean)
What's it mean (what's it mean)
What's its mean (what's it mean) To be black, ya'll?

Blackness is defined as the absence of light
It's often used as a synonmn for evil and bad
In the west, it's the color of death, so I slept
on the impact of what the word really means when my dad said
"I ain't gotta do nothin' but stay black and die!"
it a fact that so many things came from back when tribes were abducted
and placed into the bowels of boats in chains
it persists to this day, and our style, our quotes, the way our bodies move
how to us art is really part of you
all you do, equivalant to life itself
it's the story that I might as well try to tell,
even on my mom's side, hell, she was born and raised in Africa
plus Sicilians have really been black because the Moors got the drawers
from so many so-called pure Neapolitian girls that
curly hair and dark hair endures to this day
so like they say, what's in a word?
Especially one so political, I'm yellow on the islands
colored in Johannesburg, in America, I'm a nigga thoough
even so, as a kid brothers was like, "how you figure bro?"
whether white kids or black kids, fists was getting thrown
I fought for my place to belong to a race
slaughtered, disgraced, and often we're chased
its odd cuz we face such losses but make the soundtracks of mordern life
so people feel the deep blue soul below all the hype!

Brothers Labeled As Conquering Kings
Acknowledge the black man when he walks how he swings
it's the Natural, Rhythmic, mind detect mind
see me in the sun with my natural shine
lineage stretches from the Pacific to the Euphrates
peace to my kings and civilized black ladies,
me, Im all about the babies, watching 'em grow,
feed 'em in the nest so when its they time to go
I'm the proud papa, just look at my brood
teach 'em to be black, they've grown well off my food
Blackness is also attitude and swagger
we deserve the be part of this so called Earth
How dare you measure the worth of the world's first man
I love black people--I am one, I am a fan!
I love how we hit home runs, I love how we put down guns
love how we cure desease
Creole, Mulatto, Midnight Black, all of these
You better hear the message of the breeze!
We coming back to take ours from the land to the seas
You know you when show us something once, we gon' master it with ease!

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