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Tribe Of Levi Transportation Lyrics


I should've parked in the shade, this cats taking days
already hella late, you know how Helen hates
honk my horn til it irritates, oh there's my man at the gate,
thats great he hopped in I popped in a mixtape
Bumpin "Get A Way", but not now though, What's my car makin that sound for?
Why's there smoke comin from my floor board?
I can't afford to not make it on cue, ("Dude, you're car's over-heatin")
I already used that excuse, What's a brotha to do
Pull my load to the side of the road and turn my car off before it explodes
I'll get it towed, tip toe to the RT "Transit Nigga!" like Ryan Teik
Trying to creep to my seat, At least we out the heat and we in some AC
Hopin that the fuzz don't see, cause I ain't no dough for the fee
and guess who stands over me a rental cop hella weak sauce just like poetry
" I wanna see some ID or a ticket!", I split when the door opened up half of a smigit
Hauling ass and when I passed I told him kiss it, cuz I ain't got time for this business

Using buses, vans, trains, tow trucks
tanks, planes, bikes, pickups
taxis, chariots, skateboards, dragsters
boats, helicopters, go-karts and tractors
scooters, wheelchairs, big rigs, spaceships
from horses to hovercrafts, these are the basics
trying to reach places in distant locations
means that we need means of transportation

As I wake I step faithfully, tryin to get from A to B,
racing with the clock at the pace that I speed,
I'm walking since the DMV reminds me of fees
as the traffic passes giving a cool breeze, I weeze
All the chemicals emitted from the fuel burning machines
is polluting our environment, it's apparently seen,
the price of oil is extreme, but yet we fiend for gasoline,
As I walked arcoss the street, I saw the light turn green,
Simply moving my feet, thats when I saw the police,
coming to give me some grief, according to his belief
I broke the law like a thief, a citation receipts' what I received
and I signed it just to tell the pig peace,
I cant believe that before my destination was reached
I got a traffic violation as Im hearing cars screech
You see the lesson they teach is that we pay to be free
transporting in an economy where we compeete


I'm hurting y'all, slowly murked, the thrall of urban sprawl
imposed by developers, what courts would call wrongful imprisonment if the perp was y'all
but it's all we're given when land speculation is the source of all
the wealth in a desert made to bloom with stolen water
unelected paramilitary force extort and slaughter
such controls are called for in the so-called democracy
guarding the geniuses who wrote the laws to hold the property
that was stolen awfully, we could have lived more modestly, personally
not as commercially, it seems we give props to perversity
California's not as diverse as it seems, 'cuz it bursts at the seams
between borders ordered racially, we're not supposed to be seen
by people so afraid of even facing me, on a crowded train
that they'd rather pay to be safe inside a private bubble,
and the trouble is relayed to me!
so I could spend hella hours, riding hella different buses
or a quarter of the time but with five times the budget
well I'm a Cali kid, and it's my budget, so I love it
and since I already got it... fuck it!


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