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Tribe Of Levi Lyrics

Nobody knows my sorrow, sometimes sadly I borrow
or bum some bucks so I can make it til tomorrow
when this bottle sucks out of me and vice versa
compulsive curser, my composures unkosher for this culture
an outcast sleeping outsider, dumpster diver,
railroad track survivor, bic flame lighter,
bum fighter for more than just kids making college movies
I fight murderers and rapist tring to take my booty
I fight for sanity daily while thinking about my babies
an out of towner doing downers while I'm downing Bailey's
this world is crazy and lately its running me over
the heat in the night is getting colder, seldomly sober
the time ticks consequences that I'm gettin older,
trapped between a hard place and a boulder,
should I spend my last faive on my habit, a happymeal, or soda
my minds gone like its been ripped from the shoulders
cuz I'm a self made mental patient
patiently pacing the streets searching for "D" with centipede up on my sleave
lord please, make me a bird so I can fly far away from here
enough of sheding tears, after sippin beers
when their aint nothing to cheer ans it appears
that my life was all wasted getting wasted
wasting away, but todays a new tomorrow,
and sometimes sadly I borrow, or bum some bucks so I can to the (next,next day)

So I can make it to the to the next day
the next next day

I used to care so much about everything but that tears you up
sometimes severing the line between feelings and reactions is all we can do to keep laughing
but then the laughter gets inappropriate and you can feel these little dead spots
inside your heart, as it hardens and your brittle head rots
so many Cobras in disguise its like the freaking Dread Noks
and Zartan, a scarred man whose dreadlocks
bear the snot of a hard night's vomitous remnants
this is not the self image that I foresaw when I was living in college
I had friends then, and prospects, but some how it got wrecked
the jokes on you for saying god bless, cuz he only damns
from my cold post on the ground I'm passed by homos holding hands
and po-pos throwing cans in the trash, looking at me the whole time
like converting a bottle into a sole dime's some type of horrid crime
but poverty's been punished since the olden times
I curse passers by, cuz I'm to old to cry,
and I'm scared of the afterlife cuz in this one I didn't have it right
a homeless man in heaven, yeah, that's a sight!
cuz the church folks all turn away or say "earn a day job"
as if I wasn't laid off way off in the days lost
before the haze got too thick for me to see through
keep your advice! a meal's what I really need from you
how is it I live in the land of the free and still haven't eaten food?
you goddamn right, I need a brew!


She was born to this unlucky lady that was roaming
the streets for days while sleeping in the same clothing,
Its as deep as her love for that shallow pimps slogans,
but he's off in to the shadows and she knows she never chose him,
He was her Romeo, but she was just a lonely ho,
now shes watchin sperm grow, living homeless & hella broke
while sleeping in an alley bundled up like Eskimos,
this drug on for many years, and so on the story goes,
until the newly born beauty's used to her and mom two deep,
old enough for schoolin plus shes treated like a blacksheep
no longer outside and sleeping next to a trash heap,
cuz government assistant brought the rent down and the pads cheap,
Mom is feeling like a herione and catchin up to speed,
trying to master life and finally learned how to read,
so now she'll bleed to feed the seed, who'll take the lead and then succeed
and shes no longer living for wants, cuz shes greedy for her needs

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