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Tribe Of Levi Magick Lyrics


This so-called Earth consists of several elements,
a perfect network that exists beyond our relavence
incredible developments assisted our intelligence
but in general arrogance doesnt assure excellence
and eversince the first piece of historical evidence
those with knowlegde have taken advantage of neglegence
to profit off of ingnorance instead of help to influence
and intead of fluent students, now we're stuck with turrents
There were only a few that found scrolls in tomb ruins
and the built the throne pursuing happiness becomeing villian
concealing documents and hindering with what was hidden,
Manipulating people using so-called religion
cutting the ribbon for this new era that has arisen
the occult lay low, misusing their spiritual wisdom
those with oaths of secrecy chose death if set to give in
This Earth is paranormal yet they tell us that it isnt
Magick with a K isnt turning chickens to pigeons
but the power of magick they say is based on your decisions
Capitolaisms is really a form of religion,
but thats not the way they portray it on television

Some say that the way of the world is ultimately mathematical,
but that's magickal (x4)

Every day in Sacramento, I pass a pagan temple
masquerading as a central seat of government and commerce
it all works, according to a very old plan, and explains a lot of wrongs and hurt
pull up that justice broad's skirt, golden domes with spires and Doric columns
texaco's a golem, corporations are artificial godlings
science is a small thing, astronomy and chemistry are astrology and alchemy's offspring
respectively, when you think of a spell, you expect to see a verbalization of Man's will
known as an incantation, affecting the world, your eyes
or that otherwise change your situation, so apply
your imagination to scientific equations,
a nuclear physicist is a specific type of mage, and
he warps reality with his statements' implications
modern-day monks and shamans built banks to bend the whims of great men
and make their nations' ranks thin
from a plane in the sky you can take in the size
of the pentacle built into the capitol of the nation
under one god, you see Baphomet's face grin
what is war good for? Human sacrifice on a mass scale for magickal transmutation
reducing lives to more of the cake bankers rake in (my friends)


THere are certain individuals
who practice ritusals
a puppeteer playing with visuals and high subliminals
using keywords, sounds and symbols to control your mental
moving the masses with mass media is critical
it's all cause and effect, we're twisted like Keith Sweat
you get what you get, but some supervillaints take it to the next step
to start wars willingly, to harness energy with deat and dark magic
so fear is now the costant status
terror is tragically used as a catalyst, to steer the cattle into traffic
to atalk about their tax bracket
up in their cubicles, it's complicated like Rubik's cube
and glued to the boob tube, believing the news
I'll tell you 'til I'm blue in the face
you'll never face facts about the attacks
we're playing the back, while fading to black
to leave fat cats controlling the map
with their claws in everything, including looting and crack
but it's way more ancient than that
'cuz every empire built off slave labor's exact
what's the secret? some say it's the math
while motheruckers pay no mind to the past
it's just that same pharoeah, different arrow point on the track!

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