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Tribe Of Levi "Check To Check" Lyrics

"Check To Check"

Gamble with greedy gamers and gain grief, from bloody teethed
tomb raiders with full stomachs that are still stuffing stuff in,
people are suffering while some are buffing their new rims
whatever helps to stimulate our overwhelming appetite
that rarely dims and barely grins, once the action of satisfaction
is added to the heaven simulation, nimble, impatient, self indulgent
motives moves my limbs, and trims down the lake of life in which we all swim within
Life lines thin, soon diminishing futuristic ancestors
til investors live to tell the tale of vermin that fester
just like the uncle, on garbage dumphills, their building
dilapitated buildings, cardboard shielding rainstorms
brainstorm for different method of survival,
since we're all held liable to strive til the final with writable bibles
whether files or vinyls, life is like a spiral, awaiting the revival

I pray to God the rain will wash away these hard times,
it's hard to find the peace of mind while living on the grind, daily
or just maybe I'll be a slave till my last breath, and the flesh rests
living paycheck to paycheck (x2)

Get ya foot off my chest, the stress stampedes my only pain release is slabs of paper
and my true nature bleeds from the back breakin' labor
and still my frigerator's empty, got a pot of rice and half a forty bottle
I could model for the Feed the Children Foundation
Patiently waitin' for occupations that's paying properly
obviously these new Nazi's got me in this money matrix
Barely maintaining rent payments,
I need a registration ticket like a midget needs a limbo instructor
the structure of our whole systems solely based on the sucker
I often wonder bout my sunshine, sometimes its hard to find time
working 9(am) to 9(pm), next day working 9(am) to 9(pm)
but I'll do fine in the future long as I keep my head on righteous pathways
and stay with positive tutors, plus I'm a straight shooter outta cannons
Want my opinion?, You can't pimp a pimp, so can you pimp the system,
It got me wondering...


I try to make my mind happy sometimes, but my mind focuses on how they trap me in crime
so they could slap me with time, or maybe take me out, pack me in lime and make me disappear,
this is a fear that got especially clear this year
cuz already they were sentencing peers with no Habeas Corpus, but then they made it worse for us
with their Patriot Act, making it clear that civil rights was a scam and Uncle Sam's taking it back
tack on a factor of 10 for cats baking up crack, less for the powder powerbrokers
high-level importers is turning over on their own soldiers, and all their henchmen
what part of the game's that? And these lame, wack politicians are chocha
playing poker with people's lives, saying they'll equalize
but really, it's just evil lies, cuz regardless, the negro dies at the highest rate
since the government supplies the weight and tries to make it seem
like it makes no sense to play for the highest stakes, when you ain't got shit to lose!
get a clue, it's like we all tipped a few mugs of witches' brew (yuck!)
which deludes us, so we become snitchin' stooges


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